The pride of the Ural aircraft industry, the models of the L-410 and DA-42T aircraft are exhibited. The L-410 aircraft, which is produced at the Ural Works of Civil Aviation (UWCA), is used for different purposes: as a training aircraft for training pilots; as a passenger or cargo aircraft; as emergency medical aircraft in isolated areas. In order to adapt the aircraft to Russian operating conditions, the UWCA developed a ski and float landing gear for landing on snow and water.

The DA-42T twin-engine trainer aircraft (the Russian version of the Austrian Diamond aircraft) is manufactured by the plant in compliance with the requirements of the Russian standards: the onboard equipment is entirely Russian. Since 2020, the full DA-42T production cycle is performed by the UWCA. The Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation and the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation are the main customers of DA-42T trainer aircraft. In addition to educational institutions, aircraft are purchased by the companies for testing various types of onboard equipment of their own design. Diamond-42T is also suitable for corporate needs and tourism.

The main production facilities related to the global aviation industry and operating for the main needs of the regional aviation are located in the Sverdlovsk Region. Currently, the project of the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone is being implemented, located at two sites in the Sverdlovsk Region: Salda (was built on the territory of Verkhnyaya Salda and launched in December 2010) and Uktus (located on the territory of the Uktus airfield in Ekaterinburg, has been operating since August 2018).

VSMPO-AVISMA, Ural Boeing Manufacturing and the Ural Works of Civil Aviation are the main companies of the industry.

VSMPO-AVISMA is the main supplier of alloys for the world aerospace industry. Being an anchor resident of Titanium Valley, it covers up to 40% of Boeing needs, 60% of Airbus and 100% of Embraer needs in aviation grade titanium. The enterprise supplies products to 300 companies in 50 countries of the world. Ural Boeing Manufacturing is a high-tech joint venture of VSMPO-AVISMA and Boeing in production of components for Boeing aircraft. In September 2020, Expert RA assigned a "ruAA" rating to VSMPO-AVISMA, which proves its high level of creditability, financial reliability and stability. The rating outlook is stable. The world's largest hydraulic press with a force of 75 thousand tons was installed at the company's production facility. It is used for production of the wheel boggy blankings of the AIRBUS A-380 aircraft, the largest aircraft in the world. The Russian flag made of the Ural titanium was installed at the depth of 4,000 m at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.
150+ airlines and companies in other industries of the country are clients of the Ural Works of Civil Aviation Plant (UWCA). More than 100 aircraft engines are repaired monthly at the plant that has a long history. During the Soviet period, the UWCA met the needs of the USSR Aeroflot in repairs of the main equipment. About 3,200 components for aircraft engines are produced at the plant.

In the times of contemporary Russia, when the plant became a part of the Rostech State Corporation, it expanded its production capabilities and started to produce small aircrafts: L-410 Turbolet, Diamond – DA40 Diamond Star NG and DA42 NG, Bell helicopters. The main customers for such products are educational institutions of civil aviation in the Russian Federation, as well as research institutes. The company has created all the conditions for convenient logistics and is located in 20 km from the Koltsovo international airport. Production of L-610 aircraft for regional aviation is being organized jointly with the UMMC at the new production site of the company.