Ferrous metal ore is arguably the most authentic exhibit of the Presentation Center. It was specifically delivered to the exhibition from Bogoslovsk mining administration of Krasnoturinsk by UMMC-Steel Corporation.

"To showcase ferrous metals of the Sverdlovsk Region, miners of Bogoslovsk mining administration extracted a ferrous ore sample – magnetite ore of the Severopeschanskaya mine, which is used by our company. This ore is a raw material for iron-ore concentrate, which is delivered to the Nadezhdinsk Metallurgical Plant (Serov, Sverdlovsk Region) and Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant," said Oleg Zubkov, CEO of "Bogoslovsk Mining Administration" JSC.

The sample of ore was mined by the descendant of the family of miners, Yuriy Felker, the scraper hoist operator in the underground section No. 8 of the Severopeschanskaya mine. Yuriy has been working in the mining administration for 15 years. As he mentions, there is a lot of beautiful "stones" under the ground. But specifically for the exhibition he carefully examined each one to choose the best. The ore sample, showcased in the Presentation Center, contains more than 45% of iron, 6% of sulfur and up to 0.2% of copper. Magnetite accounts for 80-95% of the ore content, with elements of chlorite, calcite and pyrite.

The photo shows Yuriy at the very place, where the sample was mined: 307 meters deposition depth, haulage crosscut No. 3, the scraper hoist No. 34.

Metal industry is a core segment of the region's economy with longstanding mining and smelting legacy. The industry accounts for 50% of processing industry production of the region. One third of the Sverdlovsk Region's industrial workers are employed in metallurgy and metalworking. Ferrous metals industry of the region comprises all production stages: from iron-ore mining and processing to cast-iron, steel and roll stock smelting. Ferrous metals industry accounts for 1/3 of fixed assets of the Urals.

From the technological perspective, ferrous metals industry of the Sverdlovsk Region comprises the following subsectors: domestic metallurgical production, pipe and tube production and supporting production (ferroalloys, refractory and cast products).

In the region, the plants of the largest global metal producers are located:
1. "EVRAZ" Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant" JSC, the largest in Russia metallurgical plant with full production cycle, which includes coke-chemical, blast-furnace and converter production units and several steel-rolling departments;
2. "VIZ-Steel" OJSC (NLMK group), the world's leading supplier and the largest Russian producer of transformer (anisotropic) steel;
3. "Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant" JSC (ChelPipe Group);
4. Plants of the Ural division of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK): the Seversky Pipe Plant and Sinarsky Pipe Plant.

The Middle Urals produces 10% of cast-iron and steel and 25% of pipes and tubes of the whole Russian production. About half of the products is exported. Mining companies of the Sverdlovsk Region cover 100% of iron ore needs of metallurgical plants. Balance reserves of iron ore are more than 13 billion tons. With annual mining of 40-50 million tons, the reserves will be available for more than 150 years. Iron ore mining in the Sverdlovsk Region accounts for 20.5% of total Russian mining, vanadium – for 97%.