The Sverdlovsk Region is known for high investment potential and is attractive both for foreign and Russian investors. The region is in TOP 10 regions according to the integral rating of the Russian regions and has 1B Investment Rating (high potential - moderate risk).

In 2019, a record number of investments in fixed assets was recorded in the amount of more than 450 billion rubles, the target for 2021 are 559.6 billion rubles.

The largest volume of investments (23%) falls on manufacturing, 22.1% - on transport and logistics, 17.6% - on real estate. The region ranks 2nd in the Ural Federal District in development of public-private partnership (PPP). There are 9 operating and 2 projected industrial parks, where 210 residents run their economic activities for 2,430 newly created jobs.

On the territory of the Titanium Valley SEZ special business activity mode of operation is applied, which allows investors to save up to 30% at the stage of establishment of their production activity. Production facilities of 4 residents have already been commissioned: "Zibus" LLC, "Ural Boeing Manufacturing" JSC, "Tool Manufacturing "Minicut" LLC, Ural Works of Civil Aviation" JSC (localization of high-tech production of small aircraft and services).
Availability of an industrial site of such level in the Sverdlovsk Region significantly increases the investment attractiveness of the region in the Russian and international markets. The economic efficiency of the SEZ is 1.9 private rubles invested per 1 government ruble.

Another industrial site, with the greatest investment potential for future residents, is located in the north of the Sverdlovsk Region, Krasnoturyinsk priority development area. This is the first PSEDA in the Ural Federal District with special legal conditions for business, created in 2016. The main types of economic activities allowed in the territory: agriculture, mining, manufacturing, research and development, health care, sports, recreation and entertainment.

6 residents are registered in the Krasnoturyinsk PSEDA: "Bogoslovsky Cable Plant" LLC, "LesCom" LLC, "UtilMaster" LLC, "In Plast Polymer" LLC, "Krasnoturyinsk-Polymetal" LLC, "Krasnoturyinsky Construction Component Plant" JSC. The volume of planned investments announced by the project initiators is 5.1 billion rubles, the number of jobs created is 497.

Since February 2019, PSEDAs are being created in closed administrative-territorial entities: Lesnoy and Novouralsk. 27.9 billion rubles are planned for investment by residents of the two new PSEDAs in Novouralsk and Lesnoy.

The Novouralsk PSEDA is attractive for the localization of a wide range of innovative and production projects, including the ones in food industry and agro-industrial complex. Agreements of intent were signed with 26 potential residents which are planning their future production activities in the PSEDA. The total volume of investments will amount to 23.874 billion rubles, the number of jobs to be created - 4,127.

The main areas of expertise of the potential PSEDA residents in Lesnoy are: high-voltage and electrical equipment, new materials and technologies, wood processing. Agreements of intent were signed with 7 potential residents which are planning their future production activities in the PSEDA. The total volume of investments will amount to 4.081 billion rubles, the number of jobs to be created - 1,161.

The Sverdlovsk Region is constantly working on improvement of the investment climate. In 2019, the Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk Region was established for integration of efforts of other development institutions of the region. It succeeded in extension of investment tax deduction law effect and in taking other measures for improvement of the interaction between business and regional authorities. Regional development institutions are the Investment Promotion Agency of the Sverdlovsk Region, Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region (KRSU), Sverdlovsk Regional Entrepreneurship Support Fund (SOFPP).

The Competence Center in the field of agricultural cooperation and farming support was opened in the Sverdlovsk Region, as well as the first Franchising Center in Russia and 2 My Business support centers. A single show window at was created for products of 100 companies of the Sverdlovsk Region.

The world's largest companies have already appreciated the advantages of doing business in the Middle Urals and have successfully implemented a number of projects. Ural Boeing Manufacturing, Hilong-Tekhnomash, Ural Locomotives (Sinara - Siemens AG), Okuma (Pumori Corporation), the first Russian dairy plant of the Danone Group of Companies (France) was opened on the basis of Ekaterinburg City Dairy Plant No. 1, manufacturing products for children. And this is not the full list of well-known enterprises operating in the region.

The INVEST-IN-URAL exhibit in the Presentation Center of the Sverdlovsk Region symbolizes the vast opportunities for business development in the Sverdlovsk Region, a "one stop shop" system for interaction with investors, developed infrastructure, availability of resources, availability of scientific support and highly skilled personnel, government support for investment projects at all stages of implementation and favorable investment climate.