The "Lastochka" electric train is a flagship product of the passenger rail car manufacturing of the Sverdlovsk Region. Its scaled model is exhibited in the Presentation Center. The electric train is manufactured by the Ural Locomotives Plant in Verkhnyaya Pyshma in collaboration with German counterparts from Siemens.
To date, more than 220 "Lastochka" trains have been produced in the Urals. Most of them are operated as passenger trains. The significant part of the trains is used as regional express trains and city trains (ES2G). Others are suburban trains.
In 2019, Ural Locomotives signed an agreement with Russian Railways for the manufacturing of double-decker "Lastochka" trains, the project is now at the design stage. It is planned to use high capacity double-decker trains on the South destinations in the future. According to the project, the maximum speed of the trains will be 140 km/h, and they will be equipped with accumulator batteries for up to 120 km of train operation without electricity.

The Sverdlovsk Region is one of the leading Russian regions in railway machinery. Traction and rolling stock and components for the area 1520 are manufactured in the region.
Ural railway products are supplied to 20 countries. About 40% of Russian freight trains are produced in the Sverdlovsk Region.
Uralvagonzavod and the Ural Locomotives are backbone enterprises of the railway stock manufacturing clusters.

Uranvagonzavod is the legend of national manufacturing, registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest industrial enterprise in the world: its floor area is 827,000 m2 and staff is 29,000 people. Drawing on the experience and historical legacy, Uralvagonzavod manufactures at least 2 new models of freight rolling stock and receives 3-5 certificates for new products every year. Nowadays Uralvagonzavod offers a full line of trams, including low-floor trams, which were showcased at the INNOPROM International Trade Fair over the years. At the beginning of 2019, the model 71-415 was put into serial production. At the 2019 Ekaterinburg trade fair, the newest Ural tram 71-418 was showcased to the public. Tram cars are already used on the tramways of the Sverdlovsk Region.

One billion kilometers – total distance travelled by all "Sinara" mainline freight electric locomotives, manufactured by Ural Locomotives. 25% electric locomotives in Russia are made in the region. The unique feature of the company - the gas turbine locomotive - is the only diesel locomotive in the world operated on gas fuel; it is used in oil and gas regions of the country.

Under the license from Siemens, the Ural Locomotives Plant in Verkhnyaya Pyshma manufactured 174 "Lastochka" trains of various configurations, which are operated on passenger destinations all across Russia. In 2022, it is planned to commission double-decker "Lastochka" trains. According to the project, the maximum speed of they will be able to reach the speed of 140 km/h maximum, and they will have accumulator batteries to cover distances without electricity of up to 120 km.

The Sverdlovsk Region is holding strong positions at the international wheel market. In the foreseeable future, the joint project of EVRAZ and "Rail Service" will be implemented in the Titanium Valley Special Economic Zone. The company is planning to set up manufacturing at the Titanium Valley SEZ. Allegro manufacturing facilities will cover a significant part of the needs of the national market. Its expected capacity at the first stage – 200 thousand wheels per year.