The artificial eye lens (intraocular lens) is a priceless invention of ophthalmologists, which allows millions of people to regain lost vision. The model of intraocular lens is provided for the Presentation Center by the Eye Microsurgery MNTK. The functions of the artificial lens are similar to those of the natural one: absorption of ultraviolet which is hazardous for the retina, high-quality perception of image in any light. The latest lens models have multiple visual focuses, that allows easy reading and makes it possible to use gadgets and drive the car. The determining factors for successful cataract surgery are the correct choice of the appropriate lens type and the high professional skills of the doctor. For the Ekaterinburg center Eye Microsurgery MNTK the cataract surgery is one of the core areas. The experts in the clinic are experienced in this type of surgeries: every year more than 10,000 patients with various cataract types are operated at the Center.
6.0 billion rubles is the annual volume of medical goods output in the Sverdlovsk Region. More than 600 million rubles is the annual export of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The annual volume of pharmaceutical products in the region is 1% of the domestic pharmaceutical market and about 7% of the chemical production in the region. The index in the production of chemicals and chemical products in 2019 was 112.9% as
compared to 2018.

4 main manufacturers of pharmaceuticals are running their production in the region:
- Ifa ("Irbit Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant" JSC) is among the top 50 largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia.
- "Medsintez Plant" LLC (Novouralsk) is one of the first Russian manufacturers of the genetically engineered human insulin in finished dosage forms that meets the GMP EC requirements.
- Triazavirin is one of the company's pharmaceutical products with a proven clinical effect in Russia in the prevention of COVID-19. It was developed by the Institute of Organic Synthesis of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2018 and re-registered under "riamilovir" name. "Medsintez Plant" LLC covers 18% of the Russian and 90% of the market needs of the Sverdlovsk Region for infusion solutions in polymer containers. A biomedical cluster was created on the basis of the enterprise in Novouralsk.
- "Uralbiopharm" OJSC is the oldest enterprise in the Urals that produces modern pharmaceuticals. The flagship product of the company is the pentaflucine product line.
- "Berezovsky Pharmaceutical Plant"JSC is the most modern pharmaceutical production in the region.

A cyclotron center is being created under the framework of the Ural Federal University, which makes it possible to produce radiopharmaceuticals required for oncology and cardiovascular disease diagnostics. About 50 companies of the Sverdlovsk Region are engaged in production of medical equipment.

Main products: equipment for artificial lung ventilation and incubation equipment for neonatal rehabilitation. The incubators for newborns are the 90% of their total production volume in Russia.

The largest manufacturers of this product line of medical equipment in the Sverdlovsk Region: "PA "UOMP", Vector - Medical Systems, "EMA Factory" CJSC. Projects related to production of anesthetic and resuscitation equipment (Triton-Electronics together with partners from the Peoples Republic of China) and promotion of electrosurgical and cavitation systems to foreign markets (Fotek) are being successfully implemented. The Averon company, one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and furniture for dental and dental casting laboratories not only in the country, but also in the world, is functioning in the Sverdlovsk Region. SANVUT company (17 years on the market, 2500 sq.m of production area) is engaged in the manufacture of medical and laboratory furniture, as well as equipping medical and preventive treatment facilities with certified equipment. Among the company's clients are medical institutions in Russia and neighboring countries.

In the context of spread of the coronavirus infection the Medsintez plant plans to increase the production of the Ural antiviral drug Triazavirin by 25% with the bank loans in the amount of 210 mil. rubles. The Ural Instrumental Plant is the second company, which received a loan in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles for increase of the ALV equipment production capacity by 10 times and will produce more than 5 thousand units. In a short time, the production of bactericidal irradiators, skin antiseptics, protective suits and medical masks was increased tenfold.

As for investment opportunities in production of medical products, the analysts identify the following as the most profitable: equipment for high degree of imaging (tomographs, ultrasound and angiographic equipment); patient vital activity monitoring systems; surgical equipment; air sterilizers; devices for external stabilization; complex diagnostic and laboratory reagents; containers for samples, storage and transportation of biomaterials, as well as the production of adhesive dressings.

The main priority for development of medical industry in the region until 2035 is the creation of new and expansion of existing industries that ensure the manufacture of import-substituting and innovative products.