The light industry in the exposition of the Presentation Center is symbolized by the baseball cap from the Putin Team collection by Ural designer Dmitry Shishkin , developed jointly with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The main goal of the project is to show that Russian clothing enterprises are capable of manufacturing products that are on par with the recognized sportswear world brands in design, quality and ergonomics. The collection comprises ski outfit and outdoor apparel, including jumpsuits, coach suits, anoraks and Alaska jackets. All models are designed and produced at the digital sewing factory in Ekaterinburg and made with innovative materials and the latest technologies of 3D modeling and seamless and ultrasonic connections.
The light industry is an important and socially significant production sector in the Sverdlovsk Region, despite its insignificant share in the total volume (not more than 1.1%). It is also one of the promising branches of industrial development. 1.5 billion rubles - the volume of products shipped annually. Nowadays the light industry ranks 6th in the structure of manufacturing industries.

250 million rubles is the volume of products exported abroad annually.
713 light industry enterprises, including textile and clothing - 674, footwear and leather goods - 39. The small and medium-sized businesses, with the share of 90% in the business structure, are the basis of the light industry. Light industry companies employ 3,700 highly skilled experts. The share of goods produced by the local manufacturers is not more than 10% in the total volume of products sold by retailers. The main products are: overalls, personal safety apparel.

The region has great achievements in the development of light industry: 30 companies were awarded with the 100 Best Russian Goods sign, 18 enterprises were awarded with the Ekaterinburg Quality sign.

Recently, the Sverdlovsk Regional Association of Light Industry Companies "Sverdlegprom" has been established, which unites about 20 enterprises. Consolidation of light industry enterprises is intended to help in solving issues related to increase of production volume, expanding the range, increasing competitiveness and entering new sales markets.

Main exporters of the Sverdlovsk Region are: Sverdlovsk Worsted Product Plant (half-woolen fabrics), SP Zarteks (floor coverings), Nash Dvor (outdoor children's play and sports equipment), Zdravmedtech-Ekaterinburg (disposable medical clothing and linen), Uralspetszastchita and Intekhno (workwear).

Automation of processes in the light industry is also gradually taking place, which makes it possible to increase production volumes and reduce the high-quality goods production time.

The Shishkin Tailor Manufacture became the first garment factory with maximum automation of all production processes in Russia. 60% of its products are exported, in particular to Germany and Austria. At the Innoprom 2019 International Industrial Trade Fair, Dmitry Shishkin presented the Putin Team brand clothing collection, developed together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.