The T-90S is one of the most commercially successful and demanded battle tanks of the arms market. It was developed in early 1990s and is unofficially named "Vladimir" in honor of its creator - outstanding designer Vladimir Potkin.
T-90S has a combined armor and built-in reactive armor. For the first time ever it is equipped with the TShU-1 optical-electronic suppression system. It is capable of assaulting river obstacles: on the move - 2 meters deep, with preparation at the bottom - 5 meters.
T-90S is also designed for use in hot climate. Operation of the tank is allowed in conditions with high dust content and elevated temperatures of +50C and above.

The Sverdlovsk Region is a leader in the production of armored vehicles. The main manufacturer is the legendary Nizhny Tagil Uralvagonzavod - the world record holder in tank building: since 1941 more than 100,000 combat vehicles have left the Ural plant assembly line. In almost 8.5 decades, about 530,000 people were officially employed at Uralvagonzavod. The plant currently employs 29,000 people.

During the Great Patriotic War years more than 25,000 legendary T-34 rolled off the Nizhny Tagil plant production line. The T-72 tank is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most massive tank of our time. It is in service in the armies of more than 40 countries. The T-14 Armata is the only third generation tank in the world. The T-55 combat vehicle is a model tank which is usually used as a standard for measuring the combat efficiency when compared with other tanks of the world.

UVZ is not only an engineering giant, but also one of the regional brands. More than 25 trademarks have been registered, including the most famous trademarks of the enterprise "Armata", "T-90", "T-72" and "T-34".