The foods installation demonstrates regional variety of food and agricultural products. The grocery basket contains both: daily food and Ural specialties. EZhK mayonnaise, Talitsk sour cream, Irbit milk, Gostovsky ice cream, SMAK buns are more than brands for every resident of the Urals. The installation also features unique local Ural food: cheese, rosebay tea, cone jam and carrot sweets. Honey from the village of Maly Turysh stands apart as an example of actively developing social entrepreneurship and farming in the region. Guzel Sanzhapova left prestigious job to help her father keep the family bee farm. Six years later, the business turnover is 16.5 million rubles, and production develops not only the business, but the territory as a whole.
The Sverdlovsk Region has a developed and diversified food industry. There are more than 800 companies in the region (320 agricultural organizations, 500 food-producing enterprises) in 11 subsectors producing food and beverages. The farm sector is actively growing: 730 farms are working in the region. 135 billion rubles is the volume of goods shipped by food industry companies. Export is 6.8 bil. rubles. 24,000 persons are employed in the industry. More than 1,000 specialists graduate from the Ural State Agrarian University annually.

The enterprises of the region fully meet the requirements of the population for potatoes and eggs. Agricultural producers also focus on production of milk, meat, vegetables and feed grains. Food companies produce the entire range of products in the market of the Sverdlovsk Region: meat, dairy products, fat and oil, flour and cereals, bakery, confectionery, pasta, alcohol, beer and soft drinks, fish products.

Currently, there are a number of exporters of food among the large agro-industrial companies of the Sverdlovsk Region: "Fat Processing Plant" OJSC, "Konfi" Confectionery Factory" LLC, "Tagil Beer" LLC, "Uralplemcenter" OJSC, "BPR Sverdlovsky" LLC, "Poultry Breeding Plant "Sverdlovsky" JSC, "Bogdanovichi Feed Mill" OJSC.

The volume of investments in food industry enterprises in 2019 exceeded 3.5 billion rubles. Vegetables and fruit growing in greenhouses, milk processing and production of fermented milk products are recognized as the most promising for investment.
The total land area in the Sverdlovsk Region is 19,430.7 thousand hectares, of which 4,082.6 thousand hectares (21%) are agricultural land. The Urals is the area of risk farming, but large vegetable and fruit growing agroholdings have increased provision of tomatoes and cucumbers for population by 35%.

The Sverdlovsk Region is also the largest potato producer in the Urals - 594.7 thousand tons per year. This makes it possible to establish a frozen french fries production facility (in Russia, its import reaches 90%). The design capacity of the Ural Potato factory is 10,000 tons of "elite" potato seeds.

"Konfi" Confectionery Factory" LLC exports more than 200 tons of its products per month to Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The Fat Processing Plant is one of the five leading manufacturers of fatty food products in Russia and has been exporting its products to the CIS countries and far abroad (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, Israel, Mongolia) for decades.